More Colors for Google Calendar


Imagine turning your standard Google Calendar into a vibrant tool that not only helps you stay organized but also boosts your productivity. With the "Add More Colors to Calendar" extension available on the Chrome Webstore, this is easily achievable. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the "Add More Colors to Calendar" extension from the Chrome Webstore.

  2. Sign in with your Google Account.

  3. Either create a new calendar event or right-click an existing one.

  4. Under the color option menu click the "+" icon that appears.

  5. Select any custom color you desire for the event.

  6. Click "Apply" and save the event.

This simple addition to your Google Calendar setup allows for a more personalized and functional calendar interface. Let’s dive into how utilizing a broader color palette can revolutionize your scheduling experience.

The Power of Color Coding

Enhanced Organization: Color coding your calendar does more than just brighten your day; it structures it. By assigning specific colors to different types of activities—like blue for meetings, green for personal time, and red for deadlines—you can glance at your calendar and instantly know what type of commitment is coming up. This visual organization helps minimize the time spent sorting through texts and reminders, allowing for a quicker overview of your day or week.

Boosted Productivity: When your calendar is organized, your mind is too. Color coding can help reduce the cognitive load by making it easier to distinguish between tasks. This clarity can decrease transition times between activities and increase focus, as you’re less likely to be overwhelmed by a chaotic schedule. Moreover, knowing exactly what needs to be done – and when – streamlines planning and prioritization.

Aesthetic Pleasure and Personalization: A colorful calendar is not only practical but also pleasing to look at. Choosing colors that you like or that energize you can make the daily task of checking your calendar something to look forward to. Personalization plays a key role in the usability of a tool; the more it feels "yours," the more likely you are to make use of it effectively.

Psychological Benefits: Colors have been shown to influence mood and mental states. For instance, orange can inspire creativity and energy, while blue can have a calming effect. By strategically choosing your calendar colors, you can potentially influence your daily emotional landscape, aligning it with your activities and tasks for enhanced mental and emotional well-being.


By expanding the color options in your Google Calendar with the "Add More Colors to Calendar" extension, you can take control of your scheduling in a way that traditional tools don’t allow. From better organization and enhanced productivity to a more enjoyable and personalized planning experience, the benefits of color coding are substantial and varied. Embrace the spectrum of possibilities and turn your calendar into a tool that not only manages your time but also helps manage your mind.